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Unlocking Tailormade Finance Solutions for Nature.

Designed for impact. Built for scale.

Unlocking Tailormade Finance Solutions for Nature.

Designed for impact.
Built for scale.

In 50 years, the world has lost two thirds of its wildlife. Significant finance is needed globally to support conservation impact in real places, with real people.

Who we are?

We unlock critical finance for nature. We find the right finance solutions, for the right places, with the right people to achieve impact at scale.

The Sustainable Finance Coalition (the Coalition) finds, designs and mobilises tailormade finance solutions for nature. We are a driving force for the incubation and implementation of finance solutions at their point of impact ensuring effective and enduring naturescapes across Africa.

Our model

How do we achieve impact at scale?

If we grow finance solutions for nature champions, they will be enabled to secure and manage their unique resources, and biodiversity and people will flourish.

The Coalition undertakes a systemic and collaborative approach to financing conservation, grounded in our values and commitments to find, design and mobilise sustainable finance for conservation and social impact.


Tailor making the right finance solution for the right place, with the right people.
Collaborate with us to find the people and places to amplify our growing finance solution inventory for impact.
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Designing viable finance solutions for nature by incubating, implementing and amplifying finance
Our unique three-stage Finance Solution Approach © helps us to incubate viable finance solutions by determining the building blocks that are required for implementation and success within 3-5 years. See our approach and progress.
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Building a finance for nature ecosystem that replicates and transfers finance solutions.
Our success is in our relationships and partnerships with a large finance for nature ecosystem. Building skills and capacity for sustainable finance is crucial to replicating solutions at scale.
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What are our impacts and targets?

If we are to achieve global commitments for 2030, together we need to be bold. The Coalition understands that through collective action we can achieve environmental, social and economic impact.

Our work focusses on large high-biodiversity value contiguous landscapes and seascapes in Africa. Our impact covers 13 countries, with 14 finance solutions in our inventory.

targets for 2030

100 million

Ha reached

100 000

people benefitting

½ billion

USD unlocked

Funders and Core Partners

The Sustainable Finance Coalition is grateful to our funders and their belief in our work. With special thanks to Neville and Pamela Isdell for their generous support of the Coalition and the WWF Nedbank Green Trust for their support since 2019 of the Coalition’s work, and most recently towards incubating tailor-made finance solutions, the Mulago Foundation for their commitment to the Coalition’s growth and scaling of impact, and the Rhino Recovery Fund for their dedicated support in allowing us to take our niche tax incentive on threatened species to scale.

The Coalition further thanks our Core Partners IUCN and Conserve Global for working with us to grow our impact towards thriving naturescapes across Africa.

Finance for nature ecosystem

A dynamic complex and community of knowledge holders and practitioners that work together and interact as a functional unit, achieving an intersection between finance and conservation.