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Building a finance for nature ecosystem that replicates and transfers finance solutions.

Finance for Nature Ecosystem

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Core Team


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Collective Action

Candice Stevens

CEO and Founder

Ellané van Wyk

Incubation and Implementation lead

Kyra Lunderstedt

Strategy and Integration lead

Justin Smith

Strategic Advisor and Funding Lead

Wendy Engel

Private Sector Finance Lead

Shela Patrickson

Partnerships and Project Development lead

Cerin Maduray

Impact Investing and Impact Metrics lead

Thabang Selota

ESG and Nature Credits Lead



Our Bootcamps are a 1-day hands-on, immersive learning experience designed to drive innovation and creativity in the financing of conservation efforts and sustainable naturebased activities. The bootcamp allows for an opportunity to learn, exchange and network towards catalysing further opportunities.

Get in touch to organise a Bootcamp.

sustainable finance

fellowship program

The Coalition has designed a Sustainable Finance Fellowship Program to enhance the application of multidisciplinary knowledge into the development of new finance solutions and bridge the knowledge gap between finance and conservation.

The Fellowship is designed for early to mid-career individuals who have shown promise in their respective field, and who possess an ability to apply systems thinking in the design of solutions for complex problems that can assist us in bridging the finance for nature gap.

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